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My Approach

My approach is one that aims to first, and foremost, encourage patients to become stewards of their own health and wellness.  Through 1:1 treatment and education, my primary goal is to help patients discover the root cause of their health challenges and make changes to bring their health back into balance.  Learning to hear your body, pay attention to the signals, and respond in a way that allows your body's natural ability to heal is something I want everyone to be able to do.

I begin with a comprehensive PT exam that includes understanding some of your natural health rhythms (eating patterns, sleeping, activity, mental health) as well as your primary reasons for seeking therapy.  I then perform a hands-on assessment in order to identify areas of weakness, restriction, postural changes, and imbalances, as well as pain.  

Once we have a clear picture of what your body and mind need, I offer treatment that combines evidence based physical therapy practice with emerging principles of integrative medicine.  I combine manual and hands-on techniques with physical strengthening, functional movement, yoga, and breath work.  In addition, I work to provide nutritional counseling that is aimed to target the specific needs of each patient.  I don't believe in any one specific diet and I do not sell any manufactured supplements or products, but I do believe strongly that food is medicine, and the choices you make in terms of eating have lasting effects on how you feel, your healing, and your longevity. 

My goal is for patients to see me when they need me, to support their questions as they make adjustments to their lifestyle, and to provide the physical healing support they need when necessary.  

I also provide therapy via telehealth in the form of therapeutic exercise and 1:1 nutrition counseling.